Friday, November 7, 2014


It's Friday! I love Fridays for two reasons. First of all, my work schedule is more flexible and I get off earlier on Fridays. I work in an after school learning center and we have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so on Fridays I get the center to myself to organize for Saturday/recover from the first three days of classes. I listen to WFPL and WFPK (the public radio stations here in Louisville) as I work. For an introvert like me, that one day of working alone is awesome (after three days of constantly talking to students and parents)!

Second, even though it's not my real weekend yet, it's Sean's and it still feels like one for me too! We usually get "dressed up" (not really... just a little more fun than the normal work week) and go out to eat, where there's more than likely some beer involved as well.  Today we're headed to the St. Matthew's Holiday Walk. Hopefully I can get started on that November Christmas shopping goal.

Cheers to Friday everyone!

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