Sunday, November 23, 2014

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

I think my favorite Thanksgiving dish is probably dressing/stuffing (it's up for debate what you want to call it). It's just the thing that makes it feel uniquely Thanksgiving. Many of the other dishes we have at my family's celebration are things we have at other holidays, or they are dishes that are substituted with different variations throughout the years. But dressing means that it's Thanksgiving, and it's always there for the O'Neill celebration. We celebrated yesterday in Northern Kentucky, and my mom made the dressing this year. (It's her mom's recipe that we've always made.) It was a beautiful dinner, and I love being with such a wonderful family. Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday, and I'm thankful to have such wonderful family and friends with whom to celebrate it. 

This year's centerpiece: a serving dish passed down from my great-grandmother O'Neill

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