Friday, November 21, 2014


Today's post is "how synchronicity changes your life." I think the best example of this is how Sean and I met. He was returning from a study abroad trip to Austria and I was leaving to go on mine to Spain, and our respective Bellarmine groups found each other in the airport... in Atlanta, not Louisville. I didn't know Sean then even though we were both Bellarmine students, but my classmate Ashtin was good friends with him, and they found each other at the airport that day. I actually took this picture of them:

My uncle told me that this trip to Spain was going to change my life, and little did I know it would change my life before I even left the country! But it was the start a wonderful friendship with Ashtin, which later led me to Sean. We didn't start dating until about 6 months after this trip. But I just think it's funny that we were students at the same school, both going on a summer study abroad trip through the same program, and our first meeting happened in the Atlanta airport!

Ashtin and I on the plane later that day (We look like babies!)

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