Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Favorite Instagram Accounts

I love Instagram. I just joined over the summer... because we didn't get smart phones until then! But I think Instagram is my new favorite form of social media and probably my favorite thing about having a smart phone.


I love Humans of New York. Just getting that little snippet of everyday life from regular people is so cool to me.


Garance's blog is one of my favorites, and her Instagram shots are so lovely. She always has good fashion and life advice, and is the ultimate in French-girl cool.


A cute pug, classic style, and she is always visiting somewhere interesting.


I always enjoy the style of The Sartorialist's subjects... so varied and interesting. And it's always fun to read his commentary/points of debate regarding fashion, photography and culture around the world.


One of my favorite shops in Louisville is Scout, and I just found them on Instagram! I gotta keep up with what's new at the store! (It's a great spot for unique gifts for the upcoming holidays.)


Ok, this one is almost too pretty... it makes me think to myself, "Is this real life?" 

Rhinegeist is a brewery in Cincinnati, and I recently started following them. Their space in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is so cool, and I love keeping up with what's new with them through Instagram (so I can try all the new brews every time I visit my parents).

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