Thursday, November 6, 2014

Favorite Twitter Accounts

I have a Twitter account, but honestly, I'm not very active on there. I rarely tweet anything, but I have a few favorite accounts that I follow:

For laughs
The Onion
Team Coco
The Daily Show
Stephen Colbert
Jimmy Fallon

For news
The Diane Rehm Show
Candace Clifft WDRB
89.3 WFPL News

For fashion
E!'s Fashion Police RIP Joan :(
George Katsiopolis

For cute (!)
Emergency Cute Stuff

I follow all of these accounts, but I'm not really into Twitter. I guess I don't really "get it". I think it's kinda boring, honestly. So tell me, which accounts do you follow? Am I missing out on some great ones?!? Tell me so I can get in the loop!

Oh yeah, you can follow me too! :)

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