Monday, September 26, 2011


Last Sunday, we traveled to the wondrous playground that is IKEA. So as not to bore anyone with too much detail, I decided to condense our two-and-a-half hour visit down to a few items of note.
First up it the Tofteryd coffee table ($200), which I found to be not only stylish but also innovative. One of the problems we tend to have in the home is accumulating magazines and living room accessories piling up on the coffee table and any nearby surface. This coffee table confronts this dilemma by not only having shelves underneath the tabletop, but also two drawers. The storage area under the tabletop is divided into four areas, with two drawers diagonal from each other and two shelves in the remaining spots. One word: genius.

Next up: the Eivor Cirkel low-pile rug ($149). Though not as innovative as the Tofteryd coffee table, this stylish article is just as attractive. I was intrigued not only by how simple the design is, but how the pattern has an almost calming effect, like the meditative curves of a Zen garden.

Finally, we picked up a few things for our apartment. I won't go into detail about everything, but I did want to share a few of them. We brought home two white Virserum picture frames ($1.99 each... a steal, I know), three black square Ribba picture frames/shadow boxes ($9.99 each... a lot of possibilities), and a Ribba picture ledge ($9.99). I am currently installing all of these onto a giant empty wall in our living room. I will be sharing the finished product soon!


  1. You forgot to mention your delish, and reasonably priced, lunch!

  2. Did you have Swedish meatballs for lunch? :)

  3. The meatballs were fantastic... I had forgotten how often I ate them in Finland! Too bad we were too full for dessert... next time we'll eat that first ;)

  4. One of these days we'll get to Ikea... this makes me want that day to come sooner!