Monday, September 12, 2011

...and finally: the other half!

Welcome! My name is Sean and I will also be contributing to this project. I am a music composer with a degree in music technology, not currently employed in a relevant job... alas! I am quite interested in music, art, design, food/drink, cultures, and traveling. Since Aileen already introduced what this page is all about, I will not bore you with redundancy. I will however offer you this: I am the cook between the two of us, so I will primarily be the one posting about food.
I hope to offer something fresh, new, or surprising with each of my posts... whether it be an exotic meal I have attempted to prepare, the latest trends in the arts, or just something strange that I happen upon and deem ripe for sharing! Enjoy...

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  1. Not only am I excited for what's next, I find this idea really liberating. I may have to be a copy cat and start a blog of my own. I've never done it before. Maybe now is the time. Hmmm. Anyways, keep writing, you two. I want more!