Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travel Tuesday: My 4th Grade Dream... Frankfort, KY

You guys, I have a confession to make: I have lived in Kentucky for my whole life and have never visited our capital in Frankfort... UNTIL NOW! :)

In Kentucky schools, fourth and/or fifth graders take a course in Kentucky history which usually culminates in a field trip to the state capital. Well, I can't remember why, but my class's field trip got cancelled and was never re-scheduled so I missed out! I finally had the opportunity last week to visit, and we had such a great day.

I was the first one to arrive in the morning, so I snapped this shot.

I told you yesterday that I met my mom, aunts and uncle, and our Irish friends on Thursday morning in Frankfort. Our first stop on the agenda was a tour of the Governor's Mansion. It is a beautiful home, built in 1914 and transforming through the years with its inhabitants. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, and he had lots of fun facts to tell us about each room that we saw. There is a lot of French influence in the decor and there are even a few pieces there that once belonged to Louis XIV and Louis XVI. We only toured the rooms on the first floor, as the upper floors are where the Governor and his family actually live. Here are a few shots:

First stop: the Ballroom
Dining Room: The lights lining the ceiling were so pretty.
Also, the current First Lady has placed several modern pieces from
various KY artists around the mansion (like the one on the table).
Originally an office, this room is now more of a sitting room. 
A rare French breakfront (from either Louis XIV or Louis XVI... I can't remember!)

After that we took a break for lunch at Sage Garden Cafe, and walked around their greenhouse and garden shop after our meal. Next, we had an appointment at the Capitol Building for a tour. We lucked out too because we were supposed to be on a tour with a group of fourth graders but they were running late, so our tour guide took us on a special tour for just our small group. Our tour guide there was also very friendly and knowledgeable. Brendan, one of our visiting friends, is a member of Irish Parliament, so we had fun talking with our tour guide about the differences between the Irish system and our own.

"The Aunts" and my Momma striking the
"sorority girl pose" with Abe :)
The Capitol Dome... you can't see it here, but it has LED lights that change color!
Mural of Daniel Boone standing above the Kentucky River
French-inspired reception room
Outside on the steps after our tour
After our tour, we headed to the Frankfort Cemetery which is a beautiful place overlooking the Kentucky River and downtown Frankfort.

There's the Capitol Building in the distance.
Daniel Boone's grave in the Frankfort Cemetery
Downtown Frankfort

Finally, we headed over to Buffalo Trace for a quick bourbon tasting (we were too late to take a tour). We had a delightful day in our state capital, and I would love to return again sometime with Sean for a little day trip!

I hope you enjoyed this special Travel Tuesday! Have any of you ever been to Frankfort? What are some of your favorite Kentucky landmarks?

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  1. Next time you'll have to visit the Old KY Supreme Court building and the Kentucky History Center on West Broadway in Frankfort. Both are extremely interesting.