Monday, March 5, 2012

Tornadoes Friday...Snow on Monday

It's been a crazy weather weekend here in Louisville, which means "weather hound" Sean (that's what my mom calls him) has been checking for updates constantly. But we're all thankful here in town that he knows what's up... he always tells us when we're supposed to be down in the basement!

The storms/tornadoes that passed through parts of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky on Friday were devastating, and we are keeping everyone affected in our prayers and feeling very lucky to have made it through safe and sound.

Our weekend was pretty relaxed. We had an impromptu pizza and beer night and played some cards with friends on Friday. Saturday was a lazy day: we had breakfast date and then stopped by the farmer's market in the morning; then Sean played some games on his computer while I watched Ocean's Eleven on tv and did some channel surfing; finally we may or may not have ended the night by watching two hours of puppies and kittens on Animal Planet. ;) (Hey, we don't have our own animals so we have to get our cuteness fix somewhere!) And we ended the weekend by catching up with The Walking Dead last night. Anyone else keeping up with this series? That was quite an ending to last night's episode right?

The view from our porch this morning
Have a great week everyone!

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