Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Eggs Over Frankfort

Hey Everyone! I know it's been QUITE a while since Sean and I have updated this blog, but my brother-in-law Andy and I were chatting about it the other day, and he inspired me to write a post.

So, I thought I'd start off simple with a little review of a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Eggs Over Frankfort. I normally work on Saturdays, but a couple weeks ago over Labor Day weekend, I was off and Sean and I took the opportunity to have a little brunch date. It was beautiful day outside, so we picked the corner seat right in the window.


Just some background information about this restaurant: it was formerly Fat Jimmy's, a pizza place that was beloved in the Campbell/McPhillips household.  It closed without warning last April, and we were devastated. They served my favorite pizza in the world there called, The Tito, which was a hot sauce and ranch base topped with chicken, bacon and banana peppers. We were a bit apprehensive to try out the new place since our loyalties are still so strongly tied to the now closed Fat Jimmy's (a bit silly I know).

Anyway, back to Eggs Over Frankfort: The decor is simple and bright with fresh flowers on the tables and mismatched salt and pepper shakers and coffee mugs. It's a perfect atmosphere for a lazy Saturday morning brunch, which was just what we were looking for that morning.

We ordered our coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised by my coffee cup. It was a Prince William and Kate Middleton souvenir mug! Maybe I'd like this place after all! This was probably my favorite thing about our visit to Eggs Over Frankfort.


The menu had a good selection of combination plates, omelets, and sweeter things. They also offer sandwiches and soups if you visit later in the afternoon. Sean ordered the 'Country Benedict' which was sunny side up eggs over two biscuits with a choice of bacon or sausage and topped with gravy. (He chose one biscuit with sausage and one with bacon at the suggestion by our server!) I was leaning towards that also, but thought I'd get something different since it was our first time there.

I really wanted the blueberry waffles, but they brought me blueberry pancakes instead. I didn't want to make a fuss so I just stuck with the pancakes. I like pancakes, and they were pretty good, but it was just bit disappointing. (Also, I could have very well said the wrong thing when I ordered, but it still kind of put a damper on the experience.)

But as any good wife is sure to do from time to time, I had a few bites of Sean's food. ;) And it was delicious. I'm usually hesitant to order biscuits and gravy from any restaurant just because my dad's famous recipe is just the best and cannot be beat. But this gravy was delicious (still not as good as yours Dad if you're reading this).

My cute breakfast date.
Overall, I have to say the food was just average. Our server was very friendly and helpful, the new renovations to the space look bright and cheery, and we might try it another time in the future. I guess my overall opinion of this new spot is pretty neutral: it wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. This may make for a pretty boring restaurant review, but for me personally I guess it's just that Eggs Over Frankfort will never measure up to our old favorite, Fat Jimmy's. 

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  1. Welcome back, and thanks for the review!