Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm Listening To: Emeli Sandé

Many people thought that NBC's coverage of the Thirtieth Olympiad was not the greatest. In fact, many people were unhappy enough to tweet about it. It all started during the opening ceremonies when NBC aired a taped interview of Michael Phelps in the middle of the program. The problem was not the interview itself, but the fact that NBC aired this interview in place of a particularly moving artistic number that paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks that occurred in 2005 in London. One can debate why they did this, however it does not change the fact that NBC's audience missed out on a truly moving international moment. It is very hard to find a video of the performance, as the Olympics are strictly copyright protected, but here is a story about what happened.

Aside from the US audience missing this tribute, they also missed out on the international debut of Emeli Sandé. She is the Scottish vocalist that performed "Abide With Me" as part of that tribute. She has been an active artist in the UK for several years now, but I think that her performance at the Olympics has really introduced her to listeners around the globe. Her soulful, strong, and moving voice is truly not one to miss. I thought that I would share her with you, as I just discovered her myself.

Emeli Sandé performing "My Kind of Love"

Emeli Sandé performing"Next to Me"


  1. A good friend of mine recommended her as well, and I quite like her. It's the soul man, we're all missing it and it is finally coming back to mainstream music--couldn't be happier!

    1. I know! It's exciting to hear some real feeling in pop music... :)