Thursday, January 1, 2015


This year I'm going to make "joy" my theme, hashtag, mantra what have you for 2015. It has been showing up for me in various places for these past few weeks and I like it! 

A few weeks ago, Sean and I went to mass at the parish where I grew up. I'll admit, we haven't been regular in our attendance for several months, but we tried our best to go for the advent season. Anyway, the priest's homily was very inspiring, especially at that point in the holiday season (the third week of advent). His main message was, "The time for joy is now."  It really stuck with me in those stressful days before Christmas while trying to navigate the holiday hustle and bustle. 

Then, while celebrating with Sean's family in Charlotte, I came across this mug (photo above) in their kitchen! It was a nice reminder of the reason we were all gathered to celebrate and enjoy each other's company.

Finally, last night we had a few people over to ring in 2015 and I wanted to change the quotes I have written on my chalkboard in the living room. I just randomly browsed a few of the Pinterest boards I follow and I came across this:

"We have to choose joy and keep choosing it."
~Henri J.M. Nouwen
So for 2015, I haven't really though of any resolutions I'm making for myself... and I've never been one to stick to resolutions anyway. But for now at least, I think I'll just keep thinking in the back of my mind, "The time for joy is now!"

What are your goals, resolutions, or words to live by in 2015?

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