Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer on North Hite Avenue =

This adorable cat. She bops around between our house and a few others on our street. I think one of our neighbors feeds her, but she doesn't seem to have a permanent home. We call her Garfield (we thought she was a he at first.) She is so short, stout and very sweet, and always eager to play and be petted. :)

We see her in various lounging spots around the neighborhood: under the stairs at our house (above), stretched out in the sun on the back drive of our neighbor's house, or just waiting on the front stoop of another house for curious sidewalk strollers to stop and give a belly rub.

Whether we are leaving the house or arriving home for the night, we find at our feet this sweet little lady meowing at us, and ready to be petted. If you don't stop to pet her, she will follow us the length of our yard and run ahead of us and fall inevitably into this position:

"Pet me!"

You know Sean and I are big softies and cannot resist (and she does too!). So we end up spending a few minutes almost every day playing with Garfield in the yard. Even though we don't have a pet of our own (yet), we feel like Garfield is a good fill-in for now!


  1. Pets are one of the best things in the world! Garfieldis lucky to be living on Hite.

  2. There was a cat like this in the neighborhood of our Joan Ave. house! We called him Splinter because he had a tattered ear. (There was a mean cat that picked on Splinter--who had no claws and was defenseless--So we called him Shredder!)He was so friendly and between all of the suckers in the neighborhood got enough food to live!