Monday, December 5, 2011

The Adventures of Seany and Leeny

Sorry about the radio silence happening on the blog. Sean and I have been doing lots of traveling over the last few weekends and we are finally feeling like we can catch our breaths! I thought I'd just post a little roundup of what's been keeping us so busy!

For the second weekend in November, we headed up to Cleveland to celebrate Emily (Sean's cousin) and Scott's wedding on Veteran's Day:
At their lovely wedding, Emily and Scott honored
all the Veterans who were close to them
The weekend was a blur of setting up for the wedding and all the family events that come along with wedding celebrations. We had a great time seeing the Cleveland crowd (it had been a while) and some members of the family that I had never met yet!

The following weekend, Sean and I packed up again and headed for Charlotte on Sean's birthday (Nov. 18). His little sister Allie was getting Confirmed the next morning and Sean was her sponsor.

Allie and Sean with the retired Bishop of Charlotte
Aww how cute
We spent the whole following week in Charlotte with Sean's family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The weather was just gorgeous... in the 60s and sunny all week. We even made the last-minute decision to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast out on the deck! Yes, be jealous...

Mmmm... Thanksgiving feast in the beautiful weather!
For Black Friday, there was no mall madness for us. We stayed in and relaxed all day, and it just happened to be my birthday! :) For French class, Allie had a project where she had to plan, prepare and serve a French dinner. She had every detail planned out, from canapes to a delicious meal with the table set meticulously and French music to set the mood.

Tres bon!
And... we had Chocolate Mousse... which is an awesome birthday dessert! It was a lovely evening and a great way to end our stay in Charlotte. Thanks Allie! (And the Campbells for having us stay all week!)
They were trick candles too...
And Sean "dressed up" for dinner :)
Finally, this past weekend Sean and I took a quick trip to Owensboro on Friday night to see Ashtin and James. We ate some Cheddars, saw the sights of Owensboro (including a bronze buffalo statue!) and then enjoyed some delicious beer at Gambrinus. I ordered a beer by Chimay that sounded delicious and it was, but just as I was telling the order to the waitress, I saw out of the corner of my eye that the price was $12.50! But it was too late, the damage was done, so I just sat back ready to enjoy it. Now, I don't know if it was really worth $12.50, but it was excellent, and I decided that if I were a beer that's what I'd be. :)

We came back to Louisville on Saturday to celebrate our friend Adam's birthday at Clifton's and then headed to Dark Star for some drinks. On Sunday, Sean and I found our Christmas tree and brought up our decorations from storage. Our house is primed and ready and just waiting to be Christmas-fied. So that's the plan for this week! And that's what we've been up to lately... we'll try and be a little bit more consistent on here in the coming weeks!

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