Monday, October 17, 2011

It's about time for another fashion rant!

Now guys, I don't want to be too negative on here, but it's getting to be that time of year when I start seeing one of my BIGGEST pet peeves: Ugg boots and sweatpants! I saw the first pairing of the fall yesterday while we were out shopping. I knew this season would be quickly upon us when a couple of weeks ago, I had my first Ugg boots sighting; and they were red!

Now I want to be clear on this, I don't hate Ugg boots themselves (Hate is too strong of a word). I've just never seen a pair that's really excited me. I've never purchased a pair because they just aren't really my style, but if you love them that's fine (I will still be your friend, I guess ;). I know that people love them because they are comfortable and easy to throw on with any outfit.

What really just irks me is putting them on over your sweatpants! I mean are you trying to dress up your sweatpants or something? Because you're not... you're still wearing sweatpants! If you're going to put on a pair of boots at the very least you can put on a pair of jeans... you can find comfortable jeans people... c'mon, we even have jeggings now! (But please, no pajama jeans!) And if you want to wear sweatpants, go ahead, throw them on, but wear your gym shoes with them so at least it looks like you are heading to the gym. :)

Please, I'm begging all of you: the college girls running to class, the 20-somethings meeting your girlfriends for coffee, the "cool" moms shopping at the mall; STOP wearing Ugg boots and sweatpants together. We need to be a better example for the girls and 'tweens who are still trying to figure out their personal style... let's not confuse them anymore with this unacceptable combo!

***I was inspired do this post not only because of the aforementioned Ugg sightings, but also this morning I woke up to find this hilarious post by Garance, and I had to share this video as well. Enjoy!

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